Private Clinic Arbes s.r.o. is a medical facility offering specialized medical services including:

clinical oncology
internal and travel medicine.
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Our gynaecology practice offers:

Routine check-ups inclusive of ultrasound examination.
Contraception counselling.
Inserting and removal of intrauterine devices and subcutaneous implants.
Menopause counselling service.
Infertility counselling. This includes hormone levels testing, determining the conception optimum with the help of ultrasound measurement of follicular growth and endometrial thickness and, if needed, also ovulation stimulation - i.e. follicular growth support; ovulation induction leading to the ovarian follicle release. Intracervical insemination - targeted sperm placement into the cervix in the period most optimal for conception.
Prevention and therapy of sexually transmitted diseases including Chlamydia and Mycoplasma. Cooperation with a renowned venereological clinic, should a partner undergo treatment as well.
Specialist counselling for patients suffering from urinary incontinence including the option of subsequent surgical treatment.

Following an individual agreement between a patient and a doctor, it is also possible to arrange a minor or a major surgery in one of the relevant inpatient health care facilities.