Private Clinic Arbes s.r.o. is a medical facility offering specialized medical services including:

clinical oncology
internal and travel medicine.
Our Doctors.
Our Photogallery.
Our Health Insurance companies.

We offer newly reconstructed premises with a reception, waiting room and three independent consulting rooms.
All our surgeries are equipped with an ultrasound.
Our professional team consists of four nurses, one female gynaecologist, three male gynaecologists, three clinical oncologists, a physician and ultrasound specialists.
Except for holidays and weekends, we provide medical assistance every working day from 8.00-18.00 (Mon-Thu) and 8.00-14.00 (Fri).
At the above times, an appointment can be arranged via email or phone. GP's recommendation is not needed.

During our surgery hours:

Mon-Thu 8.00-18.00;
Fri 8.00-14.00,

our patients can request via phone or email their prescriptions to be written out for them and be ready for collection. .

All biological material, including blood, is collected for subsequent medical tests at times previously arranged with a patient.

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