Private Clinic Arbes s.r.o. is a medical facility offering specialized medical services including:

clinical oncology
internal and travel medicine.
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Our clinical oncology practice offers:

Breast cancer counselling - breast ultrasound imaging performed by specialized physicians.
Regular preventive check-ups and monitoring by a specialized oncologist.
Tumour markers testing; the evaluation of results and the subsequent diagnosis and appropriate treatment.
Counselling for patients suffering from kidney and urinary tract diseases with a special focus on diagnostics and treatment of prostatic diseases.
Ultrasound examination of kidneys, urinary tract and abdominal cavity organs performed by a specialist physician.
Oncological diseases prevention counselling.
In case of positive family history (oncological disease found in close relatives), an individualised plan of preventive checkups can be arranged depending on the severity of risk factors.

In case of need of other treatment or diagnostic assessment, we cooperate with appropriate specialized medical centres and hospitals.