Private Clinic Arbes s.r.o. is a medical facility offering specialized medical services including:

clinical oncology
internal and travel medicine.
Our Doctors.
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Our obstetrics practice offers:

Early pregnancy diagnostics - ultrasound scans and blood tests - results available on the day of blood collection.
Regular check-ups within the pregnancy counselling programme inclusive of all necessary laboratory tests.
Biochemical tests for abnormalities in pregnancy to rule out foetal developmental defects and chromosome impairment in the first and second trimester. The results are evaluated in cooperation with a specialized geneticist. Assessment of risk of foetal chromosomal abnormalities.
An ultrasound scan in the 12th week of pregnancy, followed by sonograms in the 20th and 30th weeks of gravidity. Regular ultrasound foetal growth scans; as many as necessary.
The ability to watch ultrasound imaging of your baby on a large-screen display together with your family.

You can get images of your baby either printed as a photo, or captured on CD