Private Clinic Arbes s.r.o. is a medical facility offering specialized medical services including:

clinical oncology
internal and travel medicine.
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Our internal and travel medicine practice offers:

Assessment of general health before the intended journey; internal examination including ECG and health care prior to the planned journey.
Especially chronically ill patients are strongly advised to see a doctor several months prior to their departure as it is often necessary to adjust their treatment and determine the most optimal schedule for pre-travel vaccination.
Individual counselling according to place and character of the intended stay abroad.
Medical examination prior to vaccination and the choice of vaccines according to the WHO recommendations and the current world epidemiological situation.
Chemoprophylaxis recommendation against some contractible diseases together with recommendations of appropriate insecticides and repellents.
Advise concerning an appropriate medical kit for a given country or area.
Medical check-up after return; in case of health problems (even if they should appear after a prolonged period of time), recommendation of subsequent medical tests.